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Investment Strategies

One-size-fits-all does not apply

We deploy a set of complementary strategies to support accelerated growth and digital transformation across an expanding range of opportunities aligned with our core competencies–structuring each investment flexibly, undertaking operational initiatives on an as-invited basis and not relying on a playbook

Silver Lake Partners
Large-Scale Technology Investing Flagship

Silver Lake Long Term Capital
25-Year Long Term Strategy

Silver Lake Alpine
Generally Downside-Protected with Equity Upside

Silver Lake Waterman
Flexibly Structured Investments in Pre-IPO Companies

Portfolio Companies


Content & Entertainment


Technology Marketing & Distribution


Enterprise Software


Compute & Communications


Data & Analytics


Compute & Communications


Compute & Communications


IT Management Software & Services


Content & Entertainment


Content & Entertainment


Enterprise Software


Real Estate Technology

The portfolio companies shown represent a substantial portion of Silver Lake’s current and past portfolio companies in active Silver Lake strategies (i.e., those that are currently in their investment period). Certain portfolio companies among the active strategies have been excluded for a variety of reasons such as, but not by limitation, due to their confidential nature, size or nature of ownership interest, or otherwise for non-performance based reasons subject to Silver Lake’s discretion. The portfolio companies identified here, because they comprise only a subset of all portfolio companies, are not representative of all of the investments made by each Silver Lake Fund. It should not be assumed that Silver Lake’s investments in the portfolio companies included herein have been or will be profitable. Some portfolio companies have been invested in by multiple Silver Lake Funds, and the actual holdings may vary for each Fund. For a list including past Silver Lake investments, please navigate to the drop down menus on this page. While SLA generally targets and structures investments which are downside protected to limit risk of capital loss with potential for equity upside, there can be no assurances that the downside protection of SLA investments will mitigate losses or reduce losses compared to traditional private equity investments or credit funds or that SLA’s overarching investment objectives will be achieved.