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Leveraging a deep network of relationships throughout the global technology industry, Silver Lake seeks to cultivate proprietary or specialized investment opportunities not typically available to generalist investors. Engaging with the experience and sophistication of a strategic industry participant, Silver Lake’s international deal teams deploy capital in compelling investment opportunities predicated on innovative or disruptive business models and companies with the demonstrated potential for accelerated market leadership.


Launched in 1999 as a specialist firm focused on private technology company investments, Silver Lake has maintained its strategic discipline since its founding but has expanded its sector expertise to encompass four primary investment strategies. Today Silver Lake’s portfolio of investments collectively generates more than $100 billion of revenue annually and employs greater than 245,000 people around the world.


Silver Lake Partners

Large Cap Technology


Silver Lake Partners pursues large-scale private investments in companies within the technology, tech-enabled and related growth industries. Silver Lake Partners seeks to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns by investing with the strategic insight of an experienced industry participant, the operating skill of a world-class management team, and the investing capabilities of a leading private equity firm.


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Silver Lake Sumeru

Middle Market Technology


Silver Lake Sumeru invests in middle market technology companies with established business models and attractive growth prospects where there is an opportunity to create value through operational transformation. Silver Lake Sumeru combines specialized technology sector knowledge, rigorous due diligence processes, and a network of industry relationships to create a significant competitive advantage in executing its investment strategy.


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Silver Lake Waterman

Late Stage Pre-IPO Growth Investing


Silver Lake Waterman provides growth capital to later-stage companies in the technology and technology-enabled industries, offering flexible solutions to finance expansion and acquisitions.


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Silver Lake Kraftwerk

Energy and Resource Innovation


Silver Lake Kraftwerk provides growth capital to technology and tech-enabled businesses driving efficiency across the operations, energy, and resources industries. The fund targets companies globally that leverage technology and business model innovation across a number of sectors, such as transportation, logistics, manufacturing, oil and gas, power generation and transmission, energy efficiency, waste, water, and agriculture, among others.


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